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Dear Liza. With much nervousness I joined Tempting Fate but never thought I'd meet a lovely man like John. We have so many similar interests, two of them being we had very similar careers and both play music. We can even accompany each other. So we get along very happily. John is just gorgeous and he says he feels the same about me, so Wow! Life has begun a new journey for us. Thank you so much for introducing us. Yours sincerely, Rosemary, Cambridge.


Hi Liza. I met many very pleasant ladies through Tempting Fate but never quite found the right person. Actually, I'd almost given up really but fortunately you persuaded me to meet Rosemary last November. I was slightly reluctant at first but I could tell from her personal profile that we had many things in common, including very similar scientific jobs. We got on very well from the start and we have so much in common. She's a lovely, kind, caring person and we have become an 'item' and we expect this to be a long-lasting relationship. I'm very grateful to Liza for bringing us together and for persuading me to keep going. She said there was someone out there for me and she was quite right! Very best wishes, John, Cambridge


We thought we would drop you a line to let you know how pleased we were with Tempting Fate. From the start it was obvious that your agency is run in a caring, thoughtful and professional way, which put us both at ease.

We appreciated all the guidance and advice regarding meeting new people and found it helpful knowing we only needed to meet someone for an hour and not be committed.

Ian and myself have now been together for 12 weeks and although some might say its early days yet we both feel that its right being a couple and we have you to thank. My advice to other single people is give it a go because you never know who's waiting around the corner.

I have already recommended your agency to two of my friends and I hope they will meet someone special as I have. Thank you once again. Jacky and Ian


I'm so sorry it's taken me such a long time to write to you. In a way it's your fault that it has, as we've been so busy planning more holidays, weekends away etc.etc!

Tempting Fate very quickly, very quietly with the minimum of fuss enabled me to meet someone who over the past several months has become extremely important to me. I was divorced some two years earlier after 25 years of marriage and had reached an age where I didn't consider it possible to meet someone special.

I remember well my interview with you - I was terrified but I had no need to be for you quickly put my mind at rest and the process started, with such a wonderful result.

We now are quite inseparable and have a further three holidays confirmed. Who knows what the future will bring but thanks to you, at least I have had the opportunity to meet a very attractive, lovely lady who has become the most important person in my life. Thank you. Robert


I just had to write to you to let you know how happy I have been since joining Tempting Fate. I had been single for quite a while and a friend recommended your agency to me. On my first meeting with you I felt very relaxed and comfortable and I knew I had made a very good decision by joining your agency. I have only been with Tempting Fate a few months and have already met someone and I'm thrilled. It is still early days but I have high hopes and can't wait to see where it will go. I just wanted to thank you and say you are doing a wonderful job. The agency is a credit to you and I love the name! Cheryl, Cambridge


I'm a sociable person with many friends but was finding it increasingly difficult to meet anyone suitable. My work takes up a large proportion of my time and so I decided to do something positive towards tyring to meet someone new and joined Tempting Fate. So far I've met a variety of really lovely, interesting people and I now feel that I wont be on my own for much longer! I whole-heartedly recommend Tempting Fate. Patrick, Cambridge


Joining Tempting Fate has turned our lives around. As you know we got married last year and now have a new baby all because we did tempt fate with you. We can't begin to thank you enough for putting us together. We remain eternally grateful and wish you every success. Lucy and David, Cambridge


I've been meaning to write to you for ages to let you know that, following an introduction you arranged in August 2007, Harry and I are getting married next month! We will then be moving to Scotland with our work. We got engaged at Christmas 2009 and are now living together in Cambridge. I just wanted to thank you as meeting that 'special someone' has obviously made a huge and wonderful change to my life. We'll definitely recommend you to our single friends! Hope this finds you well too. With best wishes Julie and Harry, Cambridge


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